BRITIX MP must go.

Southern rail strike: Commuters blast MB Chris Grayling for a day of trains despair.

  • Like the USA – the British are fed up with elite political hacks.
  • Across the pond: Brits want to dump elitist political hack Chris Grayling, UK Tory MP, and leader of the House of Commons


  • HUNDREDS of thousands of commuters face at least two more days of strikes by train drivers despite peace talks resuming today.
  • Britain’s worst-performing rail company, Southern, is to sit down with union bosses at Acas in a bid to solve the dispute over changing the role of guards.


  • At the same time, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling signaled that he is considering new laws to stop rail workers striking after the worst disruption in 20 years.
  • The dispute spread to Gatwick Express services yesterday, with disruption on Tube lines adding to commuters’ problems.

Meanwhile, Mr. Grayling faced calls for his resignation from computers for failing to intervene in the long-running dispute – especially as rail insiders say his department is behind the move to make drivers responsible for shutting doors. Guards, who have traditionally shut the doors, would then focus on passengers.

But a poll for the Association of British Commuters (ABC) found that almost three in four want him to quit over his handling of the crisis. Most of the 1,000 polled also want Southern’s owner, Govia Thameslink Railway, to be stripped of the franchise.

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One thought on “BRITIX MP must go.

  1. Grayling. The UK needs Trump. Strikes. My bloody stinking train service doesn’t work. No more socialistic or public school slime in the UK.

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