American History is being destroyed by ANTIFA.

Free speech (good or evil ) is being eradicated by physical force as seen in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend.

The forces of the radical left are in full swing.

Just as the Taliban and ISIS have been eliminating traces of the recent and ancient history of the Middle East, with the destruction of artifacts and museums in Palmyra, Syria, and Afghanistan, and Iraq, the radical left is now starting to erase American history.

Antifa is violent terrorist anti-American group influenced by Sunsara Taylor who calls herself the Antifa Princess.

The mindset of these terrorist groups has been transported into the minds of American youth.Read more:

Although most Antifa members are in their 20s and local Antifa cell leaders are in their late 20 to early 30s most of the national leaders are in their 50s.

The leaders of Antifa.

Most of the Antifa leadership is hidden within BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). Although BAMN claims to be civil rights organization, it was originally an openly communist group.

First, we have seen the successful implementation of mind control through political correctness.

Next, the removal of historical symbols such as the  Confederate flag from statehouses and the removal of Confederate monuments from eyesight.

Antifa has caused 20 million dollars in riot damages in the last six months. What’s next? Another 9-11?

After an explosion of racially charged violence and anger culminated in a bloody weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, talk-radio star Rush Limbaugh wants to know: Exactly who is behind this hateful madness?

As WND reported, a rally by neo-Nazis, Klan members, and other white supremacists turned deadly when a man rammed his car into a group of counter-protesters Saturday, killing one woman and injuring at least 19 more at Emancipation Park.

DNC backed elitist Antifa demonstrators against freedom of speech. Many are from Ivy League schools with a high contingency of Muslims as seen with the demonstrator member wearing a “Fly Emirates” t-shirt. 

The mix of political extremists included radicals aligned with Antifa, a black-clad, helmet-wearing group of self-described anarchists and revolutionary communists known for violence and threats.

Shanta Driver, a late middle aged lawyer, is the driving force behind Antifa according to unnamed sources.

Shanta Driver is the top national leader for Antifa although she claims she is just an activist who happens to work with Antifa. Away from violent protest, she is a labor lawyer. She was present in the background at the Battle Of Berkeley. She uses the BAMN organization to organize and control Antifa disruption activities. Driver is not only a member of BAMN, but she is also the National Director of UEAALDF. This is the non-profit arm of BAMN. Multiple former members of BAMN have come out to testify about the corruption within the organization.

Antifa wants the overthrow of the United States to be replaced by mainly white most leftist leaders.

Antifa is against freedom of speech. 

The crowd gathered in response to a city plan to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee as part of a nationwide push to tear down Confederate symbols, but Antifa infiltrated the gathering with their black masks and clubs promoting the altercation with police and other.

Heidi Beirich hate speech advocate with the Southern Poverty Law Center has been reported to be a major ally of Antifa according to sources within the group.

The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] has been casually supporting Antifa for years.

They have interviewed Antifa leaders and linked to Antifa websites. They defend, excuse, and openly romanticize Antifa violence. A well known Antifa leader even co-starred in a documentary that was jointly made by the SPLC and MSNBC called “Erasing Hate.” The documentary was exposed as fake and completely discredited.

New York Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg said she observed “club-wielding ‘Antifi’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park” in Charlottesville.

Antifa video. This is not satire.

Antifa protesters threw water bottles filled with cement and urine. Others sprayed pepper spray and threw smoke bombs. Rioters began clubbing one another.

President Trump unequivocally and repeatedly condemned the “violence, bigotry and hatred” and called for national unity. But it still wasn’t enough for the mainstream media and leftist detractors.

Despite the mishmash of extremist groups on the scene, the left and mainstream media demanded that Trump condemn the hateful actions specifically of the white supremacists and neo-Nazis. (On Monday, President Trump explicitly condemned white supremacists.) But nary a peep was said of Antifa’s role in the violence since the left wing fake news media will do anything to suppress real Americans rights to exploit their subversive anti-American views.


7 thoughts on “American History is being destroyed by ANTIFA.

  1. With its hate-mongering tirades, the Southern Poverty Law Center is an anti-Christian hate group run by liberal Jews. Of course, they are backing Antifa which is filled with many Muslims and is anti-American.

  2. Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group! Antifa is run by a known Isis sympathizer.

  3. THE SPLC is a discredited anti-Christian hate group that has incited violence, such as in the case of DC shooter Floyd Corkins. The liberal press drags out Heidi Beirich every time they can. Look at the board – a collection aging Jews. Few blacks, no Hispanics a couple of token gentiles like Heidi and the rest from New York.

  4. I saw that Kevin on Fox when this moronic idiot was the spokes person for this group of losers. Trumps right when he talks about the fake media…

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