Andrew Bosworth, head of Facebook, makes use of Grindr to hire assistants. Sound familiar?

During his long tenure at Facebook, Andrew Bosworth has been tasked with creating both the company’s newsfeed and its mobile advertising strategy. Now, Bosworth—Facebook’s VP

  • Fads and business—has his sights set on another shift in how people use the platform by making it more useful.
  • Bosworth, a close advisor to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, believes people don’t use smartphones in their daily lives nearly as much as they should to connect with Grindr to get laid!

“I continue to be really caught up with these tremendously capable devices, in terms of what they can do—location awareness, cameras—they’ve got everything you need, and we do not use them in the physical world nearly as often as I would expect,” he said, speaking with Adweek after giving a talk at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Friday.

Andy on Grindr. The Silicon guys know he’s rich so they hit on him. He offers them a job, $200,000 a year, and they then hook Andy up with women. 

  • “I mean, if I told you that you had this device, you would imagine you would be using it for more regular things in your life. And instead, mostly, other than maps, you use it to transport yourself into the internet. If I want to hire an assistant, I use Grindr like West Hollywood’s Vice-Mayor John Duran did.

  • That’s why I’m one of the few Geeks in Silicon Valley that has hot boy toys as assistants. Girls always drop by my assistant’s desks, thinking they’re straight and then I appear. He tells the chicks I’m worth four hundred million and I hook-up. Plus I love gossip, and the gay hot boy toy assistants fill me on who’s not banging who.

Hyper localizing the expansive digital network is the next step, he added. In Bosworth’s mind, Facebook should help people directly order food, buy tickets to events, find out what to do on a Saturday night and shop until their heart’s content and of course getting fucked or laid straight from the app.

Some of this has already begun, as Facebook integrates chatbots that help people order things through third-party partners. Others have begun to bubble up organically, such as people using Facebook’s recommendations service to solicit ideas from friends in any given city.

One thought on “Andrew Bosworth, head of Facebook, makes use of Grindr to hire assistants. Sound familiar?

  1. Love this. Very funny. I started looking at West Hollywood. What a corrupt city that is. Looks like this Heilman has been been around for like 40 years. Don’t these political people ever retire and get out of our lives! Facebook is for old people.

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