Donald Trump is Lady Gaga

It is 12:13 a.m. and the president-elect of the United States, who has just named retired Marine Gen. James Mattis as his Secretary of Defense, is watching “Saturday Night Live.” Alec Baldwin is impersonating him. The president-elect tweets: “Just tried watching Saturday Night Live – unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can’t get any worse. Sad.”Twenty minutes later, from the SNL set, Alec Baldwin tweets he’ll stop if the president-elect will release his tax returns.

How is it possible that a man who selects Jim Mattis for Defense on Thursday can be in a tweet smackdown with Alec Baldwin Sunday morning?


The answer is coming into view. Donald Trump is Lady Gaga.

He is a performance artist.

Unlike the establishment politicians, Trump is 21s Century.


He is challenging what we think is normal—first for a presidential campaign and now for the presidency.

He’s Andy Warhol silk-screening nine Jackie Kennedys. You can’t do that. Oh yes, he can. Currently, Donald Trump is silk-screening American corporations: Ford, Carrier, Rexnord, Boeing.

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump is Lady Gaga

  1. Trump is bigger than Jesus Christ on zgoogle search. If you search Trump on Google, Obama and Clinton are way behind. Like Lady Gaga, Trump isn’t boring. At least when you’re watching him you are not worrying and wondering if his dentures are going to fall out like you do when you’re looking and listening to Nancy Pelosi,

  2. Others reported seeing Lady Gaga crying in her car after Donald Trump was officially named the next president of the United States .

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