Elitist California Governor Jerry Brown legalizes child hookers

California and it’s politician’s continue to lead the way to the demise of American ethics. The State of California has legalized child prostitution.

Governor Pat Brown with son Jerry in his Jesuit cassock. He was studying to be a Roman Catholic priest. 

  • The R.C. Church has paid out over $4 Billion dollars in connection with the mass abuse of minors by priest and nuns.
  • There have been more than 100,000 victims in the U.S. alone.
  • The law will encourage pimps to target minors because minors will be able to return to the sex trade faster than adults after being caught.

  • It is amazing the amount of corrupt perverts that find their way into the political arena only in California could such a travesty occur.
  • Governor Jerry Brown has given a death sentence to the youth in California who walk the streets selling themselves for money.
  • It was a typically weak and feckless decision to allow this behavior rather than solve the problem.
  • This decision was a poor one and one that must disgust those members of the civilized world.
  • The law, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D), endorses prostitution in the case of minors. 
  • Jerry Brown is guilty of whatever tragedy takes place due to his decision and must be held accountable.

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