Multi-Millionaire former “Virgin” stewardess falls off a bar stool In Upper Class!

Tycoon’s lover, star of the Real Housewives of Cheshire, was arrested after ‘man-handling’ stewardess while quaffing champagne during Virgin flight to Barbados.

  • Breen was detained on landing at the Grantley Adams Airport She had booked a £5,000 seat and been sipping champagne at the bar.
  • The stewardess asked her to be quiet after complaints from passengers.


Breen, seen with lover, was once a “Virgin” flight attendant. Seen arriving at court.


  • She was asked to keep the noise down by the Virgin Atlantic stewardess, who said she was disturbing other passengers.

  • She was arrested as the plane landed at the Caribbean island’s Grantley Adams International airport — and yesterday was ticked off by a magistrate.


Other Real Housewives of Cheshire

  • Holidaying Breen escaped jail after the JP had ruled local laws did not apply over the Atlantic.

She arrived at court in Saint Joseph in a black mini dress, pearl earrings and necklace, a large silver crucifix and carrying a beige designer bag.


Breen on holiday.

Breen’s partner Steve Palmer, who owns a mega-telecoms business, watched as magistrate Elwood Watts pronounced: “I do not feel this court is in a position to rule on the case. The Civil Aviation Act says a person cannot interfere with a crew member — but this is in our own airspace.“This happened three hours into a flight from England. A flight is usually eight to nine hours long.”

Mr. Watts then told Breen: “So go in peace, behave on the plane, though. This attendant clearly felt your behavior warranted intervention, don’t find yourself here again.”

Been, who stars on “Real Housewives of Cheshire” is now banned from Virgin Airways.

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