USAsshole of the Week: GOP Iowa Rep Steve King

Political hack Steve King hates animals and advocates killing them for pleasure.It’s not really big news that Iowa Congressman Steve King is a big old racist, what with his talk of most Dream Act kids being

Steve King and Ted “Cruising” Cruz have so much in common.

It’s not really big news that King is a big old racist, what with his talk of most Dream Act kids being drug mules with “calves the size of cantaloupes” and his fears of America being overwhelmed by immigrant hordes.

Bob King typical anti-immigrants, anti-animals and shanty Irish asshole.

Of course, King’s background is questionable with his shanty Irish “potato pickers” heritage.

President Donald Trump thinks Iowa GOP Congressional Representative Steve King should be fed to the alligators in the Washington swamp.

He’s a converted “Mackeral Snapper,” his heritage “just off the boat” shanty Irish and loathes immigrants.

King has a Confederate Flag in his office but while the Civil War was happening his great-grandparents were “potato pickers” in Ireland.


  • King also hates animals, believing cats should be skinned and dog fighting legal.
  • King, a college flunk out, recently said: “It’s wrong to rate animals above born-again Christians.” He’s voted against bills that would make the abuse and mistreatment of animals a violation.
  • He’s an All American ASSHOLE.

King is also rumored, according to Trump White House sources, to have been a workout buddy with a congressman who left the “house” a couple of years ago.

Oh, Bob, you, DO, remember his name?

Guess who? 

2 thoughts on “USAsshole of the Week: GOP Iowa Rep Steve King

  1. He’s a typical closeted asshole. Trump is great because he’s burying the two parties. Look at them. Dreary ugly old white people. Drain the swamp now!

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