Gay hook-up website Grindr fails to cooperate in murder investigation

Missing College Student’s Family Wants West Hollywood-based Grindr To Turn Over Data. “We will continue to fight to get more information.”


Dakota James

  • The family of a missing Duquesne University grad student is demanding that Grindr releases all the information it has on their son in hopes of learning more about his disappearance.

Dakota James captured by the street camera, on his cell phone, using Grindr, just before he went missing.

  • Their son was using Grindr, a gay hook-up website before he disappeared.

  • Pamela James believes her son, Dakota James, was using the dating app on the night of January 25 when he went missing and wanted Pittsburgh police to solicit Grindr for its data.

Mrs. Pamela James is comforted at her son’s funeral in Pittsburg. 

  • Mrs. James wrote in a statement: “Dakota did not do this to himself. He does not do drugs, he does not smoke, he works full time, he attends grad school full time, he’s a runner, biker, swimmer and health conscious about what he puts in his body, he drinks alcohol but by no means was wasted like people think to have walked into the river.“
  • Grindr has failed to cooperate with the police.

    Joel Simkhai,  founder, and CEO of Grindr

  •  In 2016 Simkhai sold a 60% stake (paywall) to Beijing Kunlun Tech Company, a Chinese gaming firm, for $155 million.  Simkhai was born in Israel and is an American citizen.
Grindr CEO, executives, and guests celebrating China sale at a Grindr party in New York last year.
  • The Chinese-owned gay hook-up site is located in West Hollywood, California.


Google images related to a “murder, child molestation, rape, robbery AND Grindr” search.

John Duran, a local politician, was involved in a Grindr scandal involving hiring an assistant after meeting him on Grindr and having sex.

  • Ian Owens, whom Duran hired as his deputy after meeting him on Grindr, sued the City of West Hollywood for sexual harassment charges against the councilman and was awarded $500,000.
  • Duran had been involved in other scandals including being charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney for fraudulent credit card use.
  • The City of West Hollywood covered Duran’s legal bills and the D.A. eventually dropped the charges.
  • Duran was recently re-elected in a very contentious campaign where he was accused ob being owned by developers.

  • West Hollywood City Councilmember John D’Amico sympathized with Council deputy Ian Owens and sharply criticized fellow Councilmember John Duran, City Manager Paul Arevelo and other city leaders on the city’s $500,000 settlement.
  • D’Amico chastised Duran for trolling on Grindr for men. “For years I have glanced over and seen John (Duran) trolling on Grindr for men during council meetings.
  • Weeks after this meeting D’Amico commented that Duran was back on Grindr trolling during meetings. =



4 thoughts on “Gay hook-up website Grindr fails to cooperate in murder investigation

  1. The Grindr guy is so fucking ugly! I’m sure, like ZuckerBERG, he started the site to get laid. Put a sack over his head and fuck him.

  2. It is my understanding the guy who developed Grindr did it He could get laid. The CEO looks like something out of a mental hospital.This is all very creepy and pathetic. West Hollywood sounds like it’s run by old Gay guys looking to get laid because of their sort of local celebrity. Peers its residents are mainly made up of young millennial’s paying a lot of money to live there. The millennial’s obviously don’t give a shit about this town because once they make more money they’re going to move out to a better area. I mean who wants to live in a city where grinder is the major industry.

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