John Duran and John Heilman featured on Grindr and Facebook in West Hollywood election

  • The thing about West Hollywood (aka WeHo): Yes, it’s technically a “city.”
  • But it’s plagued by the kind of small-town amateur-hour politics, headed by hacks that seem more suited to the comment section of a Twitter account than the halls of government.

  • A significant faction of outrageous citizens in West Hollywood have gone after what the claim are West Hollywood’s biggest political hacks: John Heilman and John Duran.
  • These are two leftovers from the 1980s who’ve run WeHo like Tammany Hall or a couple of Boss Tweeds for thirty plus years.

  • This has resulted in great Tweet and Facebook pages featuring two of these elite dregs – the Heilman and Duran team.

  • Example: Duran was involved in a lawsuit where he hooked up with a young guy on Grindr. After their hot sexDuran hired the guy, and this ended in a million dollar settlement. 

  • Why is WeHo politics so backward?
  • Because it’s not a “city,” as it claims, but a small town that lucked out with some super-wealthy businesses — hotels and nightclubs, luxury boutiques, that sort of stuff.
All white male elites behind West Hollywood developments. No women, no minorities. Do these guys use Grindr like John Duran?
  • The leading enemies of the victimized people of West Hollywood are the developers, all straight white men, worth billions, many backed by the Trump Group, who have hooked up and bought off the WeHo politicians.
  • So West Hollywood has a lot of money flying around (from affluent Iranians, money folks from Beverly Hills and New York billionaires backed by Trump) and the privileged enemy elite.

That’s WeHo!



2 thoughts on “John Duran and John Heilman featured on Grindr and Facebook in West Hollywood election

  1. Duran would hook up with Trump on Grindr to make a deal. Duran is a total third rate sleezeball!

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