Los Angeles airport police barred from enforcing immigration laws.

Los Angeles airport police barred from enforcing immigration laws by elitist Mayor Eric Garrett

Mayor Garcetti recently expanded protections for immigrants who are in the country illegally, emphasizing the city’s refusal to help enforce the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown.

  • Two illegal 18-year-old males, illegal immigrants from Central America, raped a child in Maryland recently.
  • Garcetti claimed that to accuse these immigrants was not politically correct. Garcetti was asked what he would do if it happened in a Los Angeles City School but the multi-millionaire elitist mayor refused to comment.
  • An executive directive fire chief and chiefs of the airport and port police to follow the Police Department’s decades-old policy of not investigating individuals solely to determine their immigration status.

Los Angeles “champions inclusiveness and tolerance, and welcomes everyone who seeks to realize their dreams and build their families here, regardless of national origin or immigration status,” Garcetti’s directive said.

Immigrants are the “engine” of the Los Angeles economy, with nearly two out of three residents foreign-born or children of immigrants, Garcetti said. “They serve burgers and clean our white elitist homes. We need this cheap labor,” Garcetti added before driving away in his black limousine.

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