Misogynist Anderson Cooper drops Kathy Griffin to hook-up with Andy Cohen on New Year’s Eve

While Kathy Griffin continues her sympathy crusade after weathering a storm of criticism for her terrible Trump severed-head photo, sources say she’s seething about how Anderson Cooper dropped her from his CNN New Year’s Eve broadcast like a hot potato. misogynist

Sources said Griffin had expected CNN “golden boy” Cooper to stand by her, but the news network swiftly announced she was fired from the NYE broadcast with Cooper, which they’ve done together for 10 years.

Anderson Cooper mocks Kathy Griffin’s headless Trump disaster comic bit and proves himself a very vengeful bro.

Anti-elite sources said, “Kathy totally misjudged this. She truly believed that Anderson would stick up for her.

She considered him a friend.

While she has nobody to blame but herself, she feels somehow betrayed.”

Kathy Griffith flops and cuts off her own head.

Cooper wants to dump Kathy so he can bring his longtime buddy, Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” star Andy Cohen, into his NYE broadcast.

Cohen also hosts “Love Connection” on Fox.

The source said, “Anderson wants Andy to co-host with him.

They are already doing a multi-city tour together, they are besties and have a great rapport.”

Cohen revealed that they were set up on a blind date in the early ’90s, but Cooper says Cohen blew it during their initial phone call by being “too enthusiastic.”

They were later introduced by mutual friends in West Hollywood and their platonic bromance blossomed.

But sources add that Cohen “may have some contractual problems to overcome” with Bravo before he can appear on CNN with Cooper.

Reps for Bravo, Cohen, and CNN declined to comment.

One thought on “Misogynist Anderson Cooper drops Kathy Griffin to hook-up with Andy Cohen on New Year’s Eve

  1. It’s always amazing that these journalists take themselves so seriously. It’s really not news and more it’s just like a selfie world. These people are personalities, quite frankly, what does that have to do with my lifs? They are making millions of dollars and most of them are so unattractive. Who cares if she gets fired, or this boring guy with the gray hair it’s an off with that guy Cohen. Fuck the media!

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