Sunset Strip deloverpers tell women and minorities to “get lost!”

  • Nury Martinez, Lauren Meister and Lindsay Lohan are the only women members of the West Hollywood and Los Angeles City Councils.


  • None of these women could get a job with Townscape/Angelo, Gordon to be a part of the 8150 Sunset development.
John Heilman, Lindsay Lohan, and John Duran. Political hacks owned by developers.

Lohan and her white guy “Townscape Three.” 

Lohan grovels at the feet of Townscape.


  • The Los Angeles City Council.
  • More than half of the members couldn’t get a job with the 8150 Sunset development.
The Townscape/Angelo, Gordon all white male 8150 project team. Developers, architect, lawyers and lobbyists. No women or minorities.
  • The “Uncle Tom” Los Angeles City Council have all taken big bucks from the all white male developers and their “team.”


Is the Los Angeles City Council going to sell out to these elitists for campaign contributions and destroy an iconic mid-Century building?



One thought on “Sunset Strip deloverpers tell women and minorities to “get lost!”

  1. The New York 1% are taking over Los Angeles, like this group… send them back so they’re all east of the Hudson.

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