West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip to become the Billboard Capital of the World.

The once glamorous Sunset Strip, a throwback to movie star and mafia gangsters like Mickey Cohen, will now become the Historic Billboard District and West Hollywood is destined to become the Billboard Capital of the World.

  • Tourists and visitors flocking to West Hollywood won’t be seeing celebrities, but instead, they will be captivated by the awesome display of billboards celebrating the fact that WEHO is the creative city.
  • These works of art, according to the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, will captivate the imagination of the onlookers who may turn the Sunset Strip into the Selfie Billboard Strip.
The famous Body Show Sunset Strip Girlie Club gets a new billboard featuring West Hollywood Council Members John Heilman, Lindsey Horvath, and John Duran entertaining throngs of tourists taking selfies.
  • Pitching the latest blockbusters, fashions, and booze, the billboards will be a testimony to the sophistication and culture of West Hollywood.

Celebrities and tourists take selfies with the Historic Sign District memorable billboards.

  • President Donald Trump plans to visit and Councilwoman Lindsey Horvath will welcome him, along with the new Assistant Attorney General and new FBI head for the Los Angeles District.

The Floating Shrine at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

  • Celebrities and tourists are already flocking to the “floating” Our Lady of West Hollywood, and the Bears Worship Jesus shrine at the Pacific Design Center, home to the Chinese Communist-owned Grindr hookup app which is headquartered in WEHO.
Mayor John Heilman on a billboard welcomes you to the Sunset Strip Billboard District.
  • The Billboard District will include traditional and more digital billboards. Mayor John Heilman will greet tourists and commuters along Sunset Blvd with many selfies taken.

  • The Standard Hotel “Get High” weekends should be jolly fun as Attorney General Jeff Sessions is pictured with on the colorful new billboard.

  • The House of Blues will be replaced by what famed Los Angeles Architect Frank Gehry calls 98% Shit Architecture.
  • The so-called “Creative City” West Hollywood politicians approved tearing down the House of Blues as “pay for play” to satisfy developers who backed them.

  • Tourists will also be given a map so they can locate the sites of former famous nightclubs and restaurants that have been demolished like the House of Blues to make way for what famed architect Frank Gehry calls shit architecture.
  • The gigantic billboards which will cover up the second rate designed, or what Gehry calls “shit architecture,” hotels and office buildings.

  • This unusual looking hotel will replace the House of Blues.
  • A proposed billboard advertises Grindr which is headquartered in West Hollywood.

Many Millennials will see this billboard as the new Grindr Shrine and an inspiration for paying off student loans.

  • Mayor Pro-Tem John Duran and the City of West Hollywood was sued for sexual harassment by a 25-year-old  young man Duran hooked up with on Grindr for sex and a job interview.
  • He was hired as Duran’s assistant with a six figure salary and later claimed the 58-year-old councilman was sexually harassing him.
  • The City had to pay out $500,000 in a settlement proving that Grindr has more pluses than just hooking up.

  • The West Hollywood Planning Department received the Frank Gehry Shit Award for using the billboard scheme to hide all the new ugly buildings on the Sunset Strip especially the “monstrosity” as Gehry called the building replacing the House of Blues.
Gateway to the Billboard District when entering from Beverly Hills.
  • The Billboard District proposal, which must get final approval from the WEHO City Council. Three of the members are mainly backed by developers and sign companies with large political contributions from sign companies.

Tours will be available including Marijuana pit stops. 

The Billboard District plan will improve existing billboards and potentially add another 18 billboards over the next 15 years.

The Townscape Three a.k.a. John Heilman, Lindsay Horvath, and John Duran have taken thousands of dollars from elitist developers and sign companies.

The Cannabis Billboard – West Hollywood is to be the Cannabis (aka Marijuana) manufacturing center of California, and the new billboard will be located next to the Standard Hotel where special Cannabis conventions will be held.

The Standard Hotel will host Marijuana conventions.
  • But at the Standard Hotel, there can be no pissing by security guards in the streets similar to what’s happening at Zen Central HQ.

Drivers will enjoy the 70 some billboards as they drive along the Sunset Strip.

West Hollywood’s nightly fun with drunks giving the finger to cops along the famous Billboard District Sunset Strip.

  • Under the proposal, the number of billboards on the Strip could increase by 20% from the current 89 billboards to a total of 111 fabulous advertisements.
The Millennium Sunset celebrates with a billboard honoring John Heilman and John Duran.
  • Four of the current 89 billboards are digital, but the proposal could see another 16 digital billboards added for a total of 20 digital signs by the year 2032, if not sooner.


19 thoughts on “West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip to become the Billboard Capital of the World.

  1. Very funny and so true. Who are these “creative” people that decide what WEHO looks like? Why doesn’t West Hollywood City Hall list their bios and images? Horvath as Our Lady is wrong. She really thinks she’s a princess. Who votes for these people? The only plus is I’m making big bucks on two condos I own. One parking space. Sot he renters who all have roommates have to park a Range Rover and BMW on the street!

  2. Grindr City meets pot! Can’t make this up. As for the strip being anything more than a traffic nightmare for residents in the hills is a fact. As for the talentless people in West Hollywood creating this they can fuck themselves.

  3. The Grindr and lawsuit billboard. Great. Grindr isn’t a dating app but a quick hook-up with gay strangers. Why am I not the least bit surprised that this sort of overtly sexual atmosphere is prevalent in WeHo City Hall? Knowing Duran like I do, I’m surprised this is the first time he’s gotten charged, he’s one of those guys that undresses you with his eyes when you meet him. Sleezy. As for those billboards, they are for only one group… the on the take politicians who are bought off so this crap can be put up on Sunset.

  4. Sharing my comment from Wehoville. Love this satire on those ugly blvds and the city council that has sold the city. That is what CIM was banking on by delivering buildings with little or no integrity as a very cost effective investment to them. Weho apparently closed its eyes in exchange for revenue producing placeholders There is little “there” there with the exception of Sunset Plaza, Sunset Towers & LA adjacent Chateau Marmont. Their patrons are not likely to be the tourists stumbling along Sunset Blvd.which will soon be resigned to be a walk street. Eventually, residents of the hills will be literally barricaded in one way or another.

  5. The Billboard lobby in ‪#‎weho‬ hits a cash cow bonanza! How much did clear channel donate to John Heilman/ John Duran/ Lindsey to get elected?

  6. I’d love to know the financial details of this deal. I have a feeling that CIM will make a ton of money as will Clear Channel. The losers? The residents in the hills who will have their homes lit up like day at night and the people of West Hollywood that get nearly nothing from this deal except the “prestige” of being the host city for the biggest, brightest electronic billboards outside of Times Square.

  7. Heilman, wow, such a dreary man. And he’s the spark for the “creative city!” Good luck!

  8. Who are these “creative” people that decide what WEHO looks like? Why doesn’t West Hollywood City Hall list their bios and images?

  9. If you want to see California democracy in action you have to watch the West Hollywood city Council meetings. The mayor, a total joke, leads his cabal … Duran and Horvath. Meister and D’Amico are honest. Pity having to work with the other three. Duran is the true definition of shyster sleeze, Horvath bubbles with the sincerity of a Huckster while Heilman engineers the whole thing looking like a Miss Primm and underneath he’s basically Pendergast from St. Louis meets a political Madoff. Smiling, lying and fucking WEHO!

  10. You know this will get approved. The developers and sign people made sure Duran and Hellman got re-elected along with Lindsey as the third vote its a done deal. The #weho democracy is broken.

    Love the blog. Great to see these pathetic wannabe celebrities satirized with a strong sting!

  11. Funny but thank the Gods I don’t live there and I’m gay. Looked at the WEHOville and read a couple of articles. The towns run like some hick small town and should be called Yokelville. What’s even more alarming is that it calls itself the “creative city”!

  12. Horvath should be replaced in the next election along with Duran and Heilman. They are owned by developers and the sign mafia.

  13. Some of the signs are a hysterical and biting satire on a ridiculous city government and elected officials.

  14. Enjoyed this. Keep up the good work exposing the corruption that runs from West Hollywood to Washington D.C.

  15. Duran and hileman have to be the biggest Schmucks on the planet. What a collection of sleeve balls. I’m so glad there is the internet to expose this pile of s*** that’s running West Hollywood

  16. The FBI needs to go in a clean up this place! Imagine who you have to fuck to get a billboard on Sunset!!!

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