Summer Travel Smog Warning: Don’t visit Los Angeles, West Hollywood or Beverly Hills!

Los Angeles now has “very unhealthy” smog levels and has the worst pollution in the USA.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti who wants to be POTUS!

Under the leadership of Elitist Mayor Eric Garcetti, one of the most corrupt political hacks in America, Los Angeles has turned into a third world smog filled nightmare. Other Southern California city officials have contributed since they are selling out to out of state one percent elitist developers from New York and aboard.

Hollywood Hills smog.

Avoid visiting Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or West Hollywood this summer. These are major smog centers. The cities have gone overboard on development and traffic is horrendous.

West Hollywood and Beverly Hills smog. 

Levels of ozone — the lung-damaging gas in smog — are everywhere.

Scorching temperatures are expected all summer, and the air violates federal health standards on 90 percent of summer days.

Ozone forms when emissions from cars, trucks, factories and other sources bake in the heat and sunlight. The invisible gas inflames and damages the lungs, worsens asthma and other respiratory illnesses and contributes to early deaths from heart and lung disease.

Downtown Los Angeles skyline on regular smog filled days in Southern California.

Corrupt officials running the Los Angeles “Swamp” Government advises residents and visitors, dumb enough to visit smog ridden Southern California, to check the air quality forecast during hot weather and avoid strenuous outdoor activity in the mid-afternoon to early evening when ozone levels are highest, or you may drop dead.

The health warnings come as Southern California has experienced an increase in bad air days following decades of improving air quality.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and other corrupt Los Angeles City officials have taken millions of dollars in campaign donations by New York one percent developers and International money including Russian investors. The latter contributed directly to Mayor Garcetti.

So far this year the South Coast basin, the coast-to-mountains expanse of 17 million people across Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, has violated federal ozone standards on 44 days, according to state regulators.

California, under the corrupt leadership of Governor Jerry Brown, has done nothing to correct the matter.

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One thought on “Summer Travel Smog Warning: Don’t visit Los Angeles, West Hollywood or Beverly Hills!

  1. Who would want to live in Los Angeles? I was there last week on business. It took like an hour and a half to get from LAX to downtown. Then walking around downtown there was so much building most of the sidewalks were closed. I started wondering why are we having this meeting in Los Angeles. We could’ve had it in San Diego or San Francisco, to civilized cities but we are having it in this dump. And then there was the smog!!!

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