University of California elitist Regents turning their backs on California students.

The two students vied for seats in the most competitive year ever at UCLA, which became the first university in the nation to receive more than 100,000 applications from prospective freshmen — with room for only 5,950 of them.

To fill that class, the Westwood campus admitted 16,494 applicants — down from 17,522 last year, according to University of California data released Thursday. Offers of admission to California residents fell by 10.8% over last year to 9,292.

Both students had the same background, grades and only one made it. The elitist heads of the UC system operate a lottery that only pays off for out of state and foreign students.

The new admissions data underscored just how tough it remains to win acceptance to the most popular campuses in the most prestigious public university in the nation. It also is a reminder of how mystifying the admissions process can be, with students with similar grades, test scores and activities finding different outcomes.

It is time to get rid of Janet Napolitano, former Governor of Arizona and head of Deportation Central for Obama.

Napolitano has never been qualified to head the University of California. Tampering with UC System audits? She should have been fired. And get some Regents with a genuine feeling for their state, for its taxpayers and their children. (For that we probably will need a new Governor.)

Every time we turn around there are more UC administrators with six-figure salaries followed by tuition increases. It is incredible that the number of in-state UC admissions was lower this year. And after all the Sturm und Drang last spring, they still didn’t nix the nearly 25% permitted admissions of out-of-state students for Berkeley, UCLA, and San Diego.

The UC administrators love the money that flows from out-of-state and foreign students. It is used to keep those big salaries and pensions going. The biggest employer in California is the University of California. And the taxpayers are paying for the UC system to subsidize out of the state and foreign students.

The “holistic” policy used by the UC system is another name for “affirmative action.” It is time to see a comparison of the GPA and standardized test scores for the incoming freshman broken down by ethnicity.

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