USC promotes chaplains to push “sky God” beliefs.

USC is run by old elitist white guys who think Millennials need witch doctors or chaplains on campus.

At the University of Southern California, a Hindu lawyer leads the spiritual way for students. USC used to be a Methodist sponsored university. Since organized religion has been dying for years, the soothsayers of the “Sky God” nonsense of Christianity, Judaism, and Muslim are panicked.

Since no one is buying this malarky except the old white guys running USC, it ‘s incredible how these academic “leaders” are allowed to push this shit.

Imagine paying all those bucks to attend a school of higher learning and having some slime ball bible beater pushing his agenda. As the “chaplain.”

If it’s the Bible, Torah or book of malarky it is time to take a big dump on this nonsense.

The USA is supposed to have freedom from an established Church.

But every jerk ass President since Ronald Reagan says “God Bless!” What utter slop. Pushing all that Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Anglican and Protestant slop!


It is amazing that Millennials are buying into the Educational Industrial Complex and Religious Educational Complex cabal.

  • Why would any Millennials listen to “preachers’ and “teachers”?
  • Millennials and all the other student suckers that bought into the witchdoctor nonsense are stuck with loans.
  • The “educators” need this to guarantee their jobs and buy their sabbaticals.
  • The education system needs students.
  • To buy into the Education Industrial Complex. 
  • Why does a university need a chaplain?
  • Another white guy!
  • Only to fund the “sky God” nonsense!

Tax all organized religions.

“If we believe absurdities, we shall commit atrocities” — Voltaire (1694-1778)


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