West Hollywood politician gets Grindr Award.

  • John Heilman’s teammate John Duran has given him the Political Achievement Grindr Award for taking hundreds of thousand of dollars from major developers and not having to sleep with them to get re-elected, Mayor.

  • For John Heilman and his political buddy, John Duran, it was a harsh and embarrassing fight with online Facebooks and Tweeting sites lampooning the two senior politicians.
  • They both claim they are middle-aged, as they hit sixty, but how many people do they know that are an 110?

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want a Grindr Award! 

  • Like Nancy Pelosi, Duran and Heilman are the face of the Democrat party.
  • They have a very difficult time relating to mellinials.
  • Voters barley turned out in West Hollywood.
  • Duran and Heilman got less than 50% of the total vote.
  • Something like 47%

Heilman and Duran received a large amount of campaign money from developers like Townscape, Angelo/Gordon

The Townscape/Angelo, Gordon all white male 8150 project team. Developers, architect, lawyers, and lobbyists. No women or minorities. President-Elect Donald Trump is an investor in the Angelo/Gordon (New York) multi-billion dollar hedge fund and was very good friends of its late founder.

Duran had other problems too…

  • John Duran (right) hooked-up with Ian Owens on sex phone app Grindr. Duran hired Owens as his “deputy” which resulted in West Hollywood paying out $500,000 in a scandal ridden lawsuit for West Hollywood.

  • John Duran was charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney for misappropriating funds.

The prestigious Grindr Award…

The prestigious Grindr Award goes to John Heilman.

4 thoughts on “West Hollywood politician gets Grindr Award.

  1. These two guys won. So sad how the city is being destroyed by developers. The entire grinder thing is so disgusting. How can this man be reelected. If a straight man was doing this he would be out of the office in a blink of your eye. My grandson lives in West Hollywood. I didn’t know anything about this until I read it online. I asked him about these two guys and my son doesn’t even vote in the local elections. He was for Bernie but really got turned off after Hillary pushed her opponent out of office before the major election. He thinks Duran and Heilman are just too old gay guys who are on the make to make a lot of money. And my grandson is gay. I don’t think any of these people in office relate to anyone young but it appears here they do relate to the developers and are taking money they can to build up the city. Having visited Los Angeles in West Hollywood a number of times I can only say that the infrastructure cannot support this kind of development. I live in Omaha and Nebraska has wonderful roads but Los Angeles appears like it’s falling apart. But as I said before my son and his friends are concerned about who’s running that town and obviously that’s why these guys were elected. Sort of a mini swamp in Southern California.

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